Year 2 ICT Agreement

Student ICT Acceptable Use Agreement - Year 2

To have access to Information and Communication Technologies at St Thomas the Apostle you need to follow these agreed practices. 

Parents, please paraphrase the points below where necessary for younger students and sign on their behalf.

Student Agreement

Using Information and Communication Technologies at school is a privilege. I have conditions to follow, which are for the safety and privacy of myself and others.

I will:

  • Treat the school’s ICT equipment with care and use it responsibly for educational purposes.
  • Use devices and internet the way my teacher(s) has asked me to.
  • I will turn off the screen, then tell my teacher or another adult immediately if I find something that is not appropriate for school children on the Internet or school network.
  • Publish work and post messages using language I know is acceptable in my school. 
  • Tell the teacher if I receive a message that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • Respect the privacy of all computer users at school by correctly using passwords, and opening only my own work.
  • Pack away equipment and tidy the area I was using.

I will not:

  • Give out personal information that could be used to identify me, my family or friends, such as surname, address, phone number or photo while using the internet.
  • Pretend to be another person when communicating on the internet.
  • Break copyright law by copying and/or using another’s work.
  • Write or send messages that would make another person feel uncomfortable.
  • Pass on information about inappropriate material or sites to other students.
  • Misuse the Internet or encourage others to do so.
  • Waste materials through excessive printing and downloading.
  • Download any software or files, store files, install software, or change computer or other device settings without the permission of a teacher.
  • Access social media on any device at school, without explicit teacher direction.
  • Post any images, videos or comments about any member of my school community that might give my school a bad name and offend a member of the school community.
  • Upload images of other members of the school without their permission.
  • Upload any images of myself or other students in uniform or identified with the school in any other way without the permission of the principal.
  • Bring personal devices to school and use them on the playground.

Breaking the Student Agreement

If a student breaks the Student Agreement a number of steps can be taken:

  • Appropriate ICT rights withdrawn.
  • Withdrawal of individual log-on/internet for a period of time as deemed appropriate.
  • Parents notified.
  • Guidance from the Learning Technologies Specialist or School Leadership as to how to avoid future problems.
  • Steps as outlined in the School’s Behaviour Management Policy.

Parent Agreement

Parent Acknowledgement

I give permission for my son/daughter to use the Internet and other ICT facilities at school and I:

- Have read and discussed with my child the Catholic Education Student Acceptable Use of ICT Policy.

- Agree to my child using Information and Communication Technologies for educational purposes.

- Agree to my child transmitting work electronically to teachers and having the work published where the school considers it to be appropriate.

- Agree that, whilst all normal care will be taken, the school is in no way responsible for replacement of the device due to theft, repairs due to breakage or any other sort of maintenance of the device.

- Understand it is my responsibility to pay for any breakage or damage to my child’s device.

- Understand it is my responsibility to pay for the repair of any breakage or damage that my child causes to another child’s device.

- Understand and agree to the consequences outlined for my child breaking any Student Use Agreements.

- Acknowledge that my child’s use of the device at school will at all times be subject to the directions of the teachers and that failure to follow those directions may lead to the consequences outlined in this document. 

- Consent to my child’s use of the School’s technology which is transitioning to Microsoft from Google. Google Apps are provided through Google Apps for Education and that consequently students’ emails and associated account details may be transferred, stored and processed in the United States or any other country utilised by Google to provide the Google Apps services. Microsoft applications are hosted in Australia. Information about the security and privacy features of Google Apps for Education may be found at Get Started with Education Fundamentals - Google for Education. Information about the security and privacy features of Microsoft may be found at

I consent to my child’s use of the following programs:

Please contact the school if you have any questions.

Write your signature above the line