Year 5/6 ICT Agreement

Student ICT Agreement for Years 5 and 6

Please discuss the following agreement with your child.

Be Thoughtful

  • I will follow all instructions given by a teacher about my device, including turning off the device or handing over the device to the teacher on request.
  • I will only screenshare my device when instructed to by the teacher.
  • I will ask for teacher permission and the permission of all people involved prior to recording or photographing any person.
  • I will handle my device respectfully. 
  • I will not run while carrying my device
  • I will not eat or drink while using my device
  • I will not leave my device on the floor
  • I will store my device securely while not in use
  • I will not handle another student’s device except with permission from the teacher
  • I will respect my family’s privacy by never accessing or sharing at school anything that is on my device for my family’s use (e.g. family photos etc that don’t relate to my school work).
  • I will be respectful of other students’ personal devices.

Be Engaged

  • I will be ‘on task’ when using my device at school
  • I will not message or play unapproved games during school time
  • I will not use social media at school unless given explicit permission by the teacher to use for educational purposes. Many sites, including Kik, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are not appropriate for student use.
  • I will only use YouTube when instructed by the teacher
  • I will follow the classroom rules set out by my teacher.
  • I will bring a fully charged device to school every day. If I miss work because my it is not charged I will be required to complete the work in my own time or in a different format (handwritten).
  • I will not present AI work as my own.

Be Safe

  • I will keep my device in my school bag while travelling to and from school at all times.
  • I will not take my device outside of the classroom except with permission from the teacher.
  • I will not delete or tamper with profiles and configurations on my device.
  • I will not use another student’s device except with permission from the teacher.
  • I will report any loss of or damage to my device immediately to my teacher and my parents.
  • I will be cyber safe by protecting my passwords, not sharing personal information and storing work appropriately.
  • I will report any behaviour that puts myself or any other person in an unsafe online situation.
  • I will move around my learning spaces safely with my device. 
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Parent Agreement

Parent Acknowledgement

I give permission for my son/daughter to use the Internet and other ICT facilities at school and I:

- Have read and discussed with my child the Catholic Education Student Acceptable Use of ICT Policy.

- Agree to my child using Information and Communication Technologies for educational purposes.

- Agree to my child transmitting work electronically to teachers and having the work published where the school considers it to be appropriate.

- Agree that, whilst all normal care will be taken, the school is in no way responsible for replacement of the device due to theft, repairs due to breakage or any other sort of maintenance of the device.

- Understand it is my responsibility to pay for any breakage or damage to my child’s device.

- Understand it is my responsibility to pay for the repair of any breakage or damage that my child causes to another child’s device.

- Understand and agree to the consequences outlined for my child breaking any Student Use Agreements.

- Acknowledge that my child’s use of the device at school will at all times be subject to the directions of the teachers and that failure to follow those directions may lead to the consequences outlined in this document. 

- Consent to my child’s use of the School’s technology which is transitioning to Microsoft from Google. Google Apps are provided through Google Apps for Education and that consequently students’ emails and associated account details may be transferred, stored and processed in the United States or any other country utilised by Google to provide the Google Apps services. Microsoft applications are hosted in Australia. Information about the security and privacy features of Google Apps for Education may be found at Get Started with Education Fundamentals - Google for Education. Information about the security and privacy features of Microsoft may be found at

I consent to my child’s use of the following programs:

Please contact the school if you have any questions.

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