Routines & Timetables

Weekly Timetable

(2020 - due to COVID-19 social distancing the following may differ)


9.00am Monday Prayer in the church. Classes will leave bags on the stage and proceed directly to the church with their teacher. Parents invited.

Canteen Closed


9.00am morning assembly on the stage.

Canteen Closed


9.00am morning assembly on the stage.

Canteen Open

Newsletter day


9.00am morning assembly on the stage.

Canteen Open

Newsletter day


9.00am Classes wait for teacher on the stage, then go to classroom for grade prayer. 
Assembly 2.30pm (In 2020 parents/carers are unable to attend)

Canteen open

Daily Timetable

8.30 am

Supervision of playground begins. Students should not arrive or be at school earlier than this

9.00 am

School day begins

10.50 - 11.30

Recess time

1.00 - 1.40

Lunch time

3.00 pm

Pack-up bell

3.10 pm

Dismissal. Classes will make their way to the stage and will be dismissed by their teacher from there.

3.30 pm

Supervision finishes. Students not picked up by this time are taken by the duty teacher to the Front Office


Homework is an important link between school and home. Please refer to our Homework Policy and to the class information letters sent home at the beginning of each term by your child's teacher for full details. A guideline to minimum times is: Kinder – Year 2: 10 minutes reading and then activities to support learning such as maths games.

Later Year 2 Formal written work commences and 10 – 15 minutes reading per night.

Years 3 & 4 20 minutes written homework and 15 minutes reading per night.

Years 5 & 6 30 minutes written work and 15 minutes reading per night.

Visiting During the Day

During the day parents and visitors are asked to park either in the staff carpark or the blacktop carpark and proceed to the Front Office.If you are picking your child up or dropping them off, please sign the student register at the front office. Your child will be called to the front office. If you wish to visit or help in a classroom you will be asked to sign in and be issued with a visitors sticker. You need to sign out at your departure.

Notifying Student Absences

All student absences must be notified in writing to the class teacher, either prior to or on the day the student returns to school. This is a legal requirement. If your is child absent for more than one day, a phone call to the Front Office can allay any concerns the class teacher may have for your child's welfare.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

During morning drop-off parents/guardians either:

1. Park in the main carpark and walk your child to the playground. Supervision begins at 8.40am.
2. Use the drive through lane in the main carpark to drop your child off, without needing to park.
3. During wet weather, students proceed immediately to the hall from 8.30am. Teachers will be supervising.

During afternoon pick-up parents/guardians have a number of choices:

1. Park on the ‘blacktop’ or ‘oval’ carparks and come to the stage to collect their children. Please do not park along Boddington Cres, either bus bay, 'drive through' or the medium strips.

2. If you do not wish to leave your vehicle, please use the Drive Through facility. The children are supervised in the Drive Through until 3.30pm so there is plenty of time to use this facility if you feel that it is too busy directly after school finishes.

3.Any child not picked up by 3.30pm will be supervised in the front office and parents phoned.

4.After School Care pick up students from the stage.

5.Children who are walking or riding home leave the school grounds after being dismissed from the stage.

6.School bus services are available. Teachers supervise children, then assist them to cross the road to the bus stops. Please contact the school or ACTION for further details.

7. During wet weather, children will be taken to the hall. Parents are asked to park in the blacktop or staff carparks and make their way to the hall. Please do not park in bus bays. Bus children will be escorted to the bus.

Bringing Equipment to School

Your child needs to bring a school bag to school everyday. St Thomas the Apostle school bags are available for purchase from Savvy. This bag should contain a healthy packed lunch, drink, recess and an easily eaten fruit snack for fruit-stop time. We encourage children to bring a bottle of water to have on their desks during the day. Our Canteen is open to purchase or order recess and lunch on Thursday and Friday. See the menu and procedures in the school service page.

Your child will be provided with books and stationary at the beginning of each year. Most of this will remain in your child's classroom during the year, but parents are asked to check periodically that your child still has all the necessary stationary items eg: pens, pencils, rulers. Please see class teachers for further information.

Routinely your child will carry a library book in a library bag, a 'reader' in a plastic pocket and the books necessary for homework.

We discourage children bringing personal items to school to play with on the playground. Damage to or loss of such items can be quite distressing. If your child wishes to bring a special item to share for class news, these can be handed to the class teacher for safe keeping.

Lost Property

Personal items with your child's name on them, are readily returned to your child when they are found. Teachers do their best to locate the owner of any equipment found on the school premises. All unclaimed equipment is placed in the Lost Property basket near the canteen doors. Parents and children are welcome to check this basket when looking for a lost item.

Medicines at School

If your child needs to bring prescribed medications to school, these need to be sent to the Front Office each day. Our medical officier supervises the taking of any medicines. All medicines must be clearly labelled with child's name, class and dosage, and whether it requires refrigeration.The exception may be asthma medication, which may be kept with your child as per your Asthma Plan.

Click here for Consent to Dispense Medication Form.

Medical Action Plans, Anaphylaxis and Epipens

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that any medication kept at school is current. In particular, Medical Action Plans for children suffering from anaphylaxis (allergic reaction to bees, peanuts and other substances) will need to be reviewed at regular intervals (at least yearly) and will need to be updated.

If your child requires an Epipen, please ensure that the medication is current and will not expire during the year. Note that the Epipen cannot be used beyond its expiry date.

Sport Houses

We group students into 4 House Groups, which are used at all sporting carnivals and other social events throughout the year. At these events students are welcome to wear a shirt of their house colour. Students can even earn points towards a house bbq at the end of term, by being a great MATE.

Our four houses are: