Our School Canteen is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 1.40 pm (closed on Tuesday) and is operated by the manager Mrs Victoria Town. Victoria is responsible for the day-to-day running of the canteen. The running of the canteen is guided and supported by the Canteen Committee, a sub-group of the School Community Council.

Ordering Your Lunch

Lunch orders can now be placed two ways, either by handing in an order via the lunch tub each morning or ordering online. 

  • All lunch orders must be placed at the canteen by 10.30am. Any late orders will be filled as requested IF possible, however it may be necessary to substitute an item or two depending on stock available. Lunch orders MUST be accompanied with cash payment (unless made via flexischools);
  • Students who have forgotten their lunch will be sent to the front office where they will be issued with an “Emergency Lunch Order” form. This will offer a sandwich with a choice of 3 varieties available: Jam, Vegemite or Honey. Cost will be $2.00. The Canteen is not in a financial position to offer credit, prompt payment is appreciated;
  • Please write lunch orders clearly on a lunch bag with name, class and any specific dietary requirements;
  • Enclose money in bag and fold to secure it. NO STAPLES please. Brown paper lunch bags are available for 20c, reusable lunch bags are available (see menu for price);
  • If insufficient amount is enclosed, money will be deducted from other areas of the order or the order will be adjusted accordingly. Change will be secured with sticky tape on the front of the bag or placed in the zipper pocket of reusable bags;
  • A voucher will be placed inside the lunch bag in place of food in some instances (hot noodles/slushies/iceblocks etc). The voucher should be presented to the canteen as proof of payment when your child collects their items.

How to get your coffee!

I am very excited to now be offering coffee etc to parents, carers and staff here at St Thomas.

Just thought I would share a few practicalities:coffee.jpg

  • Opening times Monday, Wednesday – Friday 8:30am - 12:00pm (closed Tuesday)
  • Access via side door in the hall 
  • Cash & card payment available, also prepaid coffee cards (buy 9, get 1 free) available on Flexischools under ‘vouchers’
  • $3/small $4/large
  • Hot chocolate and a variety of tea available as well
  • Canberra Milk Hi-Lo and MilkLab soy available

** Please don’t buy for your child, as they are not allowed in the school grounds with hot beverages.

Parent Helpers

Menu planning is a challenging task and requires the support and assistance of parents. Come in and introduce yourself, help out in the mornings with the preparation of food or stay all day, share your ideas, recipes.
A separate flyer requesting your help will be distributed to each family through your child’s class. Any enquiries please phone Paula on 62314144.

Traffic Light Guidelines

The Canteen is now in full swing incorporating the Fresh Taste NSW Healthy School Canteen strategies giving students a taste for healthy foods. It educates our children about the nutritional value of foods and helps develop skills to making better food choices. Foods are graded in three categories: Red, Amber and Green. All food categories selected on the menu will be according to a “Canteen Menu Planning Guide” formulated on the principles of The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGTHE). Nutrient criteria are used to determine where certain foods sit within the three-coloured spectrum. A visual guide is on display on the noticeboard near the Canteen.

  • GREEN foods are good sources of nutrients, have less saturated fat and less sugar. These foods are based on the five food groups and will dominate the menu. Foods in this category also help to avoid an intake of excess energy (Kj).
  • AMBER foods are mainly processed foods and need to be selected carefully. They have some nutritional value, have moderate levels of fat, sugar and/or salt and can, in large sizes, contribute to excess energy (Kj). Amber foods will be available only on certain days of the week.
  • RED foods are “occasional foods” and include cream cakes, doughnuts, soft drinks, flavoured mineral waters, deep-fried foods, chip choc coated and/or premium ice-creams, savoury snack foods, eg chips, crisps, chocolate bars. These foods lack adequate nutritional value, are high in saturated fat/salt/sugar and can contribute to excess energy (Kj). This category will only be offered/sold no more than twice a term.