School Community Council

Our parent representative body is the School Community Council (SCC) and is your chance to have parent input to support the school to be the best it can be. This year meetings are held twice a term on a Monday night at 6.00pm. 

School Community Council Overview


Chair (acting) Dan McInerney 
Deputy Chair Amie Lloyd
Secretary Aleks Kalinowski
Treasurer Michael Giacomin
Committee Members Angela Schacht, Ana Stewart, Samantha Wilson and Edwina Wundersitz
Ex Officio Ursula Jamieson, Susan Chant and Fr Praveen Paul
Staff Representative Jacinta Housler

An important part of the structure is the work done by various committees in the school. Most of these will be familiar to you. We invite engagement and participation by parents in any of the committees that interest you:

Parish representative: This role is an important link for our school / parish community. TBD is a representative on both the SCC and the Parish Pastoral Council ensuring that together we provide the best for our children's Catholic education.

Class Parent Network: Class parents are a point of contact between the teacher and parents in the class by keeping parents informed about upcoming activities such as class Masses, Mother/Father's Day activities and welcoming new families. It offers an opportunity for parents to be involved in school life. It also coordinates support at times of need. Class parents meet regularly.

Curriculum and Lobbying: The council maintains a membership of Catholic School Parents Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn (CSPACG) which lobbies on our behalf to improve catholic school funding and curriculum.  Please see the link to the CSPACG website below.

Marketing and Communication Committee: This committee is responsible for positioning the school in the community and for devising new ways for communicating within the school. There is potential to use the internet better to provide information to parents.  We are always interested in hearing from others who can contribute.

School Environment and Building Committee: With the recent refurbishment of the school the emphasis in this committee is shifting to the grounds and furnishings.

Fete Committee: Barb Miels-Barrett is chairing the Fete Committee. The fete and the SCC Levy are the only fundraising opportunities in use by the SCC.

Canteen and Uniform Shop Committee: This a very important committee maintaining the canteen for the use of the children and staff. Kylie Ordanic is the SCC representative on this Committee.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee is responsible for developing the school budget and other financial issues including management of SCC funds. Given the sensitivity of the issues, the Finance Committee is comprised of the SCC Chair and Treasurer, the School Principal and the School Finance Secretary.

Keeping in Touch

Every SCC meeting is open to the whole school community so the opportunity is there for parents to be heard on any issue.  Meetings occur in school terms on Monday night, generally in Week 4 and 9 of each term, at 6:00pm.

This structure provides opportunities for parents to be involved in the school in areas of particular interest to them, without having to attend on all issues. Parents can then target their time to areas of school life that best suit their expertise or interest. The SCC is evolving as we go and there has never been a better chance to influence the way the parents in the school community work with the school to make it better. We hope you will consider which of the committees you are most interested in and keep an eye on the newsletter for opportunities to participate.


Catholic School Parents Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn (CSPACG) was formally launched on the 21 February 2014. CSPACG is the peak body representing the interests of all Catholic school parents in the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn and is the largest non-government school parent body in the ACT.

CSPACG is the body officially recognised by the Archbishop and the Catholic Education Commission to represent the interests of families of children in all Catholic schools across the Archdiocese.

CSPACG is represented on the Archdiocesan Catholic Education Commission and through it has significant access to and involvement in mainstream education issues as well as input into policy and financial decisions. The Catholic school parent voice is now being sought by government and has been invited to participate as a member of the steering committee leading a project exploring parental engagement.

CSPACG website