Message from the Principal

Ursula JamiesonDear Parents,

As Principal of St Thomas the Apostle Primary School it is with much pride that I introduce you to our school and thank you for your interest in joining our community.

With a tradition of excellence in Catholic education since 1977, St Thomas the Apostle School offers students an opportunity to grow and thrive in a nurturing, faith-based, values-driven community. It is my hope that these early school years will be happy and rewarding for your child as school and family grow together in peace, harmony and the love of God.

At St Thomas the Apostle, we believe in a strong partnership between home and school. Our staff are highly enthusiastic and through this partnership will ensure that our three-way channels of communication between students, parents and teachers are kept open to enhance the development of your child. We encourage you to become an active participant in your child’s education and we welcome your involvement. By being actively involved, you are sending your child a positive message that school and education are extremely important. It is certainly our privilege to work with you and to share with you the responsibilities of educating your child. In partnership with families, we endeavour to create a happy, safe and nurturing climate for the children in our care.

Teaching and learning are the core business of our school. In addition to our Religious Education, there is a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. Through linking our core curriculum areas, we strive we strive for relevance and authenticity for our teaching and learning to assist the children to develop skills for an enriching, active and purposeful future.

This website contains practical details to inform you about St Thomas the Apostle Primary School. Should you have any queries or wish to discuss matters concerning your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I encourage you to visit our joyful and engaging learning community and look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Ursula Jamieson

Our Teachers 2020


Mrs Ursula Jamieson

Assistant Principal

Mrs Judy Egan

Religious Education Coordinator

Ms Penny Vanzwol

Curriculum Coordinator

Mr Luke Mooney

Office Manager

Ms Naomi Trussler

Publications Staff

Mrs Lynette Wilson


Miss Aimee Barry

KL and Sports Coordinator

Mr Matthew Lowe


Mrs Jacinta Housler
Mrs Tracey Kenna (literacy support)


Miss Leyrizza Leyes


Miss Laura Vandenbroucke


Ms Patty Porteus 
Ms Tona Tallarida


Miss Lauren Jameson


Mrs Tarthra Kennelly
Ms Kaitlin Reedy
Mrs Natasha Pank (on leave)


Ms Georgia Croker
Mrs Rachel Kennedy (on leave)
5/6B and Aboriginal Contact

Mrs Anne Barbic


Miss Natalia Ciuffetelli


Miss Monique George


Mr Geoff Ryan

Teacher Librarian

Ms Penny Vanzwol


Mrs Zita Clifford

Learning Technologies/STEM

Mr Luke Mooney

Early Career Release

Mrs Natasha Pank (on leave)
Mrs Judy Egan

Class Support Teachers

Ms Cathy Duffy

Class Assistants

Mrs Karen Bruce
Mrs Sally Cameron
Ms Nicole Joyce
Mrs Lynette Wilson  

School Counsellor

Maddison Kennedy

Welfare Officer

Mrs Anne Gowen


Mrs Paula Papandrea


Mr John Cousins