School Fees

The Catholic Education Commission is responsible for setting the tuition and building levy each year. The School Community Council sets the school levies, which cover the following costs:
St Thomas School Levy: This payment goes toward expenditure in the classroom and our services, including electricity, gas, water, cleaning, classroom consumables and general administration costs.
Activities Levy: All local excursions and performances. This is monitored closely to ensure that the levy is used each year to provide educational and interesting experiences for the children. The levy also includes Term 4 swimming lessons for Years K - 4 and Mpowerdome multi-sports program for Years 5-6.
Information Technology Levy: Continued maintenance of our computing facilities, including computers in the classrooms and labs, printers and software. As an indicator, listed below are the 2018 fees.










Council Levy

Activities Levy


Per term

One child








2 children





3 or more





4th child



5th child



Accounts: Accounts are sent out in the first weeks of each term with the due date before Week 5 (of that term). Fees can be paid by QKR, cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card and regular instalments are accepted. You can make payment of school fees a little easier and save at the same time by choosing to join the CDF (Catholic Development Fund) School Fees Payment and Savings Plan. The plan is designed so you can spread your school fees over a 12-month period. If you would like more information about this scheme please contact the Front Office.