In order to report to parents, to develop consistency across year levels and to track student achievement from grade to grade, the school has implemented the following procedures to monitor and record student achievement:

  • Formal, school developed, reporting on social and learning behaviours at the end of Term One.
  • A formal parent teacher interview at the end of Term One
  • Formal reporting, using A-E reports, on academic achievement and social and learning behaviours at the end of Terms Two and Four.
  • Student/Parent Learning Showcase at the end of Term Three.
  • A year-long formalised schedule of standardised and diagnostic testing for Literacy and Numeracy across all grades.
  • Teacher maintained formative and summative assessment records for all curriculum areas, focussing on programmed units of work.
  • Teachers in the same year levels programing collaboratively for assessment and moderating work samples between different classrooms.