Year 5/6 Camp

Outdoor Adventure Camp 

3rd - 5th May 2021 

Cooba Sport and Education Centre, Berridale

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In Term 2, Week 3 2021 (Mon 3rd - Wed 5th May), Year 5/6 students and teachers will be travelling to the Cooba Sport and Education Centre, Berridale to participate in a camp where the students will undertake many interesting and enjoyable challenges.  Students should arrive at school by 8:15am Monday 3rd May (for an 8:30am departure). Students will return to school approximately 3:30pm Wednesday 5th May. 

Could you please complete the following permission and medical forms  no later than Friday 26th March (Week 8).  Please keep a copy of the What to Bring note “on the fridge door”.

The cost of the 2021 camp is $345.  Payments toward the camp can be made through the Qkr! App or Eftpos at the front office. Please contact Naomi Trussler (62314144 or for more information. 

Full payment for camp (or the balance owing) will be required by Friday 23rd April 2021.

What to Bring

Kind Regards,

Year 5/6 Teachers

Consent Form

I give my consent for him/her to travel to and from the Cooba Sport and Education Centre by bus. In addition I give consent for him/her to participate in the Cooba Sport and Education Centre Camp from Monday 3rd May to Wednesday 5th May.

Teachers and instructors may take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with school policy to ensure the safety, well-being and successful conduct of the students as a group, or individually in the adventure activities.

Write your signature above the line

Medical Details

I authorise the teachers and instructors to obtain necessary medical assistance should an accident occur, and agree to pay all medical expenses incurred on behalf of the above student.

I submit the medical information above about my child and include details of limitations which he/she has for the activities concerned.

I further authorise qualified practitioners to administer anaesthetic if such an eventuality arises.

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