Bring Your Own Device

1:1 BYOD (iPad) Program for our 2021 Year 5/6 classes

1:1 BYOD is a program in which students bring to school, for their own individual use during learning time, a personally owned iPad.

This program allows students to extend their learning beyond the four walls of the school. Students are able to continue their learning at home and share with their peers, discoveries in their learning made outside the confines of school. The program has been a great success in expanding the learning opportunities for our 5/6 students.

This program was first implemented in 2016, and while it directly affects Year 5 and 6, it is of interest to all members of the school community. A sub-committee of the School Community Council was formed during Term 3 2015 to determine the implementation process, and to develop the appropriate guidelines and policies to implement and support a 1:1 BYOD program at St Thomas the Apostle School. Supporting documentation for the program can be found below.

iPad Retailers

At St Thomas the Apostle we do not recommend any business to purchase Ipads from. There are numerous vendors both in Canberra and online. Families will need to choose based on the best price and service you can negotiate. Families will also need to provide headphones and a suitable case for any iPad used at school. A Bluetooth keyboard has found to be highly beneficial. We feel that the iPad that represents the best value for money is Apple's latest model 

Required Apps for the start of 2021

This list is dynamic. Teachers may request additional apps throughout the year. Wherever possible, free apps will be utilised.

2021 Policies, Documents and Setup

If you have purchased a new iPad through an Apple Store you are able to contact them for assistance. Please refer to your documentation.

If you have purchased the extra Apple Care and Protection you can access even further help, both instore and online. Please refer to your documentation for what you can access.

2021 St Thomas BYOD Policy and Student Agreement

Auto-generated text from BYOD Webinar

Family Sharing and Apple ID for your Child

'Today at Apple'

STTAP BYOD 2015 Position Paper.pdf

Staying Safe Online

Parenting in the Digital Age
It can sometimes be difficult parenting children in a digital age where they often know more about the technology they are using than we do. To support parents in keeping up to date with current technology we have provided a list of resources, articles and tips.

Parent Information
Articles on screen time and parenting children in the digital age are available below:

How Screen Time Affects Rest

Parenting in the Digital Age

Below are a range of fact sheets from the ThinkUKnow and CyberSmart websites. These are designed for parents and discuss how to support your children in staying safe online.