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School Mission

Mission Statement

Our Mission as the Community of St Thomas the Apostle, Kambah is to follow Jesus,

The Way,
     The Truth,
          and the Life,
by providing a welcoming and supportive learning environment where we strive to live the gospel values of love and compassion, forgiveness, justice and peace.

As staff of St Thomas the Apostle:
We believe that we share, celebrate and grow together as a Christ centred faith community to encourage a sense of belonging to God's family.
We believe that positive relationships develop in an atmosphere of trust which recognises the dignity of each person.
At the foundation of our mission lie key beliefs that reflect the vision of the community.
We believe that it is our responsibility to provide quality education which allows the full potential of all in the community to be developed.
We believe that each person is unique and gifted and we will provide opportunities for experiencing success, happiness and fulfilment.
We believe that the Catholic School has a special role in the Parish community and therefore we aim to develop effective partnerships with parents, families and the wider community.
We believe in building a caring environment that encourages children to make informed choices while recognising that personal freedom is linked with responsibility.

As parents of St Thomas the Apostle:
We actively support the staff in their efforts to provide a quality education that promotes the development of the whole person.
We are dedicated to a genuine partnership between parents and the school and accept the responsibility that comes with it.
We welcome all families to the school community, treating all with equality.
We value effort and achievement equally while encouraging all in our community to strive for excellence in their endeavours.
We recognise the integral role the school plays in our children's development.

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