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1987 saw the start of the second decade for St Thomas the Apostle Parish and Primary School in Kambah. Mrs Dawn Laing was Principal and Father Bill was Parish Priest, both the school and the parish were doing well.

The School Captains of the year were showing pride and respect for the students and the teachers were doing just the same. The cooperation between the Parish Council, Education Board and the Parents and Friends Association were bringing about greater strength and unity. In April, each class participated in a "Table-a-thon" to raise money for buying books and equipment to enrich the school's literature program. The classes raising the most money in each area received $50 to spend on games or equipment for their classroom. These classes were 5G, 4N and 2W. They raised an incredible amount of $6000. Children from the infant, junior and senior grades participated in verse speaking with a marvellous variety of prose and poetry - a tradition that has continued throughout many years. The Infant choir went to the bush as they said "Kookaburra" and "Piano Practice". The Junior choir went adventuring, first with "An Adventure Story". They were all very pleased. Then they told everyone about Isabel as she met a weird assortment of characters in "The Adventures of Isabel". Whilst the Senior choir drifted into the dream time with "Big Water" and then told everyone a rocking good tale of a young fellow who took a mystery package to school in "Tom's Bomb".


1988 was the Bicentennial year with St. Thomas' joining in the Australia wide celebrations. 1988 was remembered sadly, as a time when the association of Mrs Dawn Laing ended. Mrs Laing came to St Thomas' as a class teacher in May 1979. She was a great inspiration to the staff, students and people around her.
St Thomas the Apostle School participated in many sports in 1988, and has contineud to produce good results. The sporting year began in week 2, with the annual swimming carnival at Phillip Pool with Cooleman the winners of the Day. St Thomas the Apostle School Cross Country representatives were once again outstanding in competitions.


This year saw a new principal Mr Barry Cuthbert arrive. Parish Priest, Fr Kennedy, continued to serve as a good role model to all the students and teachers. Also in 1989 the Prime Minister, Mr Robert Hawke, officially launched the Australian Spirit Project at St Thomas the Apostle School. The project was a joint venture of the RSL and Legacy and was designed to help young Australians to learn about and appreciate the many aspects of our diverse Australian society.

1990 - 1991

During the year 1990, there were 44 students taking part in the Chess Knockout Competition, under the watchful eye of Mr Skinner. Many children represented the A.C.T. in P.S.S.A. sporting championships. These kids represented the school in a responsible and proud way. Comfirmation was the highlight of the Grade 6 year. Much work and prayer went into the preparation for this sacrament. The highlight of a very busy 3rd term for 80 children, was receiving Jesus in Communion for the first time.


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