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Welcome to the St Thomas the Apostle website. This website is designed to allow prospective and current parents and students to access information about the school. Our weekly newsletter is online and the site is upgraded regularly to present information that is up to date and useful for active participation in the life of the school. We have a broad range of topics including information about curriculum policy, innovation and school administration policy and procedures. All are included to assist in the understanding and promotion of our school Mission Statement:

We provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment where we strive to live the Gospel values of love and compassion, forgiveness, justice and peace.

St Thomas the Apostle is a Catholic Primary school of approximately 300 students located in Kambah, a suburb at the northern end of the Tuggeranong Valley. The school was one of the first catholic primary schools established in the Valley. It is located just off the Tuggeranong Parkway, a major traffic route that connects Kambah to all other areas of Canberra, especially the business and office areas of Woden, Civic and Tuggeranong.

The school has a very pleasant and attractive setting with established and well maintained garden areas. The school also has access to the excellent playing fields surrounding the school which are used each day at lunchtime and to host school sporting events. Pedestrian access is safe and well located with cycle and walking paths connecting all parts of the suburb to the school.

St Thomas is a Parish Primary School within the Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese with systematic administration under the direction of the Canberra Goulburn Catholic Education Office. The Religious Education curriculum is based on Treasures New and Old, however, the essence of love and respect of each other using the model of Jesus, always striving to live justly and with compassion, is integrated into all aspects of school life. The school supports parents in the development and education in Faith of their children and this interaction is celebrated in the school’s sacramental program.

Literacy and numeracy are key focus areas in our teaching with active staff involvement in developing and reviewing both curriculum and pedagogy to ensure their relevance and effectiveness for all our students. We strive to cater for students’ needs with a strong literacy support program implemented with the Learning Support Team and trained parent volunteers. Teachers review student educational needs regularly and parents are informed each term through a variety of reporting strategies on the learning growth of their child.

With Interactive White Boards and computers in all classrooms and computer access through computer 'breakout' areas adjacent to each classroom, Information & Communication Technology is integrated into all aspects of our teaching and learning.

Active participation in all sporting activities is encouraged and all children participate in a structured Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program. The program includes all aspects of living a healthy and safe lifestyle with an emphasis on participation in physical activities. Children in primary classes have the opportunity to participate in interschool sport events covering a wide range of sports. Sport clinics are organised and conducted by trained specialists from Canberra sporting associations providing new experiences for the children.

A formal enrolment period for ACT Catholic schools takes place in May each year however we are open to enrolment enquiries at any time and we welcome your expressions of interest.

We acknowledge the importance of choosing a school and we believe that through our dedicated staff, relevant educational focus and strong parent involvement and support centred in a family atmosphere, we offer an exciting educational experience for all children.

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