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Our School Newsletter is published electronically. Please email the school your preferred email address(es) to receive the school newsletter and other important announcements, or view it here on our website.

We use the Skoolbag App to alert parents to news and events.


Notes: Recent notes that have been sent home regarding excursions and school events

Newsletter: The newsletter is updated every Thursday, during school terms. It is the most current way to find out about school events and announcements.

School Calendar: Details the Term start/end dates, as well as special events and holidays

Sacramental Information: Copies of all information for the Parish based - Family centred Sacramental program are here

Annual Report & Policies: The Annual Report is prepared for the CEO to detail information and data on the school for analysis

Skoolbag: Skoolbag is a mobile app that provides schools with an easy way to share news and more with parents and carers. To learn more about Skoolbag and how to use the app, download the Parent Instructions Document.

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