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Staying Safe Online


Parenting in the Digital Age

It can sometimes be difficult parenting children in a digital age where they often know more about the technology they are using than we do. To support parents in keeping up to date with current technology we have provided a list of resources, articles and tips. 


Parent Information 

Articles on screen time and parenting children in the digital age are avaialable below:

How Screen Time Affects Rest - Kids Matter

Parenting in the Digital Age - By Michael Grose


Below are a range of fact sheets from the ThinkUKnow and CyberSmart websites. These are designed for parents and discuss how to support your children in staying safe online. Click on the image to access the information:


    Minecraft logo                       YouTube Logo                    Instagram Logo                                                                    

Parent's Guide to Minecraft                 Parent's Guide to YouTube               Parent's Guide to Instagram         

            Snapchat logo                                              Parent's Guide to Online Safety


       Parent's Guide to Snapchat                                         Parent's Guide to Online Safety

Links to Websites

Below are links to websites with a wide range of information for parents about keeping safe online:


                ThinkUKnow Logo                                               Esafety Logo

                   ThinkUKnow website                                         Australian Government eSafety website








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