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BYOD (iPad) Program

Welcome to our help pages for setting up an iPad Air 2

The notes included here, have been designed to lead you step-by-step through each of the processes you need to put in place, to set up your iPad for use in our BYOD program.

If you have purchased a new iPad through an Apple Store you are able to contact them for assistance. Please refer to your documentation.

If you have purchased the extra Apple Care and Protection you can access even further help, both instore and online. Please refer to your documentation for what you can access.


Support Documents 2018

BYOD Program 2018

BYOD Program Payment Plan Agreement 

Support Documents 2017

Create a Student Apple ID

Create a Student Apple ID Using Family Sharing

Setting up Your new iPad Air 2

Setting up Student Email on your Child's iPad


Apps for 2017 BYOD (iPad) Program

Please see the following document for a list of apps requested for 5/6 students in 2017.


Apps List for 2017 BYOD (iPad) Program

BYOD Documentation

BYOD Position Paper 

BYOD (iPads) Acceptable Care and Use Policy

Computer Facilities and External Networks (ICT) Policy

FAQ's 2017


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