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1:1 BYOD (iPad) Program for our Year 5/6 classes

1:1 BYOD is a program in which students bring to school, for their own individual use during learning time, a personally owned iPad.

This program allows students to extend their learning beyond the four walls of the school. Students are able to continue their learning at home and

share with their peers, discoveries in their learning made outside the confines of school. The program has been a great success in expanding

the learning opportunities of our 5/6 students.


This program, was first implemented in 2016, and while it directly affects Year 5 and 6, it is of interest to all members of the school community.

 A sub-committee of the School Community Council was formed during Term 3 2015 to determine the implementation process,

and to develop the appropriate guidelines and policies to implement and support a 1:1 BYOD program at St Thomas the Apostle School.

Supporting documentation for the program can be found on the BYOD (iPad) Program page of the website. 



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